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Website Design
A sleek, intelligent website that delivers big on information and eye candy can boost your credibility and lead to measurable success. Customize your brand’s site today.
Professional Website Design Service
Featured Web Design ProjectsAcross the world, we’re bringing new ideas to life and reviving established brandns with breathtaking web design.
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Website Design ProcessHave you ever wondered what goes into making a fully-integrated and technologically advanced website? You’re about to find out.
Origination & PlanningAt the start of each website design project we have a seat at the table—with you. Here we learn about your idea or business, originate the look and content of the site, and begin planning for the development phase. You’ll meet your design team, made up of our most talented and experienced designers, strategists, account managers and more. We discuss more than your website: you’ll share your company’s goals and ideals, your toughest competition and your hopes for the future. From this information, we craft a plan for your project and desired timeline to begin creating your online presence.
Crafting the BlueprintThe next step in the design process is to initiate work on the User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) of your new website. This is a short way of saying your team will craft the organization of the site and overall feel a user will have when visiting you online. We spend a great deal of time on the features, layout, navigation, and functionality, creating a firm and easy-to-follow blueprint for how the finished site will look and feel.
The Digital PrototypeOnce the blueprint is completed, our designers begin the most exciting work of applying color and design to the bones of your project. This is very similar to the prototype phase of an invention, when the first rough draft created to get a feel for the colors and style of the product. As your site begins to take shape, we give you a storyboard that explains the fonts and colors used so you can make note of what you love and what you’d like altered.
Back-end DevelopmentBehind the flashing videos and stylish font is a well-structured back-office where developers and content managers create a dynamic site. We complete coding in HTML5 and tailor your content management system (CMS) to your needs so your frontend responds to change in realtime on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
Quality Performance TestingHigh quality websites must be maintenanced often to reinforce their functionality, and our stringent quality assurance is what makes your website stand apart from the rest. From quick page loads and proper formatting across platforms high-level security, we keep your site running and delivering big on SEO results.
Final Touches & OptimizationWhen your site is completely developed and meets your satisfaction, an administrator will go live with your website to administer a test, confirming that each feature is working as planned. We’ll also analyze user behavior during this period to see what improvements could be made to amplify site traffic, conversion, repeat visits and more.

Before & After RedesignsIt’s amazing how much a website can impact your impression of a busines. Take a look at some of these digital transformations and imagine what NNC Infotech can do for you.
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Web Design Case StudiesView some of our successful projects and the strategy that powered them.
Cigars Near MeCigars Near Me is a search tool that locates cigar stores and provides customer reviews for retailers in the area. Users can post reviews and watch their feed social media-style. Their goal is to launch a major website in the spirit of leading social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and related sites.
FrattireFrattire is a website where Sales Representatives or Admins can add products according to their needs, such as pre-order products or normal products. Customers receive the discounts according to the order quantity that the admin or sales representative sets.
iRealty Designs Website iRealty Designs website provides agent services. If any agent want to create their own real estate website and if they have even more agent under them then providing basic information like contact details, name and email details of them this website provides them a personal customized real estate website created and accessible by agents.
World Event PromotionsWorld event promotions manufacture overseas, ship to your customers and create the perfect marketing items for promotion. they are also providing services of consumers and sellers directly. They are having their own warehouse for products and they are managing sourcing from there.
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